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Our History
The Yucaipa church of Christ had its beginning in the year 1919.  Ellis and Anna Beasley moved from Los Angeles to Yucaipa that year with their two daughters, Mildred (Jones) of Yucaipa, and Mary (Young), later of Redlands.  Mr. and Mrs. Orval Vinall and their son Ray also came here that same year.  These two families comprised the group that planned the establishment of this congregation.
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Core Beliefs

Worship in churches of Christ centers in five items, the same as in the first-century church. We believe the pattern is important. Jesus said, "God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth" (John 4:24). From this statement we learn three things: 

1) Our worship must be directed to the right object ... God;

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What We Teach
Baptism is essential for salvation. Perhaps you are wondering, "How does one become a member of the church of Christ?" What are the terms of membership? Churches of Christ do not speak of membership in terms of some formula which must be followed for approved acceptance into the church. The New Testament gives certain steps which were taken by people in that day to become Christians. 
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